Hello, I'm Mikael, and I help Tech companies to generate more leads and get new customers.

Drawing on my 25 years sales experience in the tech industry, I founded my own company. The purpose was to help others company to level up to. This has led to me coaching and training companies in the Customer Centric Sales method.

My passion for exploration has driven my career. I am willing to embrace the unknown. Already in my early days in telecom, I trained 120 staff members in Innovation Management.

In 2022, I left a lucrative position at a US-based software company. Today, I serve as an Executive Coach. I have enjoyed guiding over 100 Tech Executives to elevate their performance.

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I help Tech companies to systematically bring their sales to a new level.
With 25 years of experience in Tech Sales, I started back in 2022 without clients, leads or a personal brand. I built my own sales process and soon became known in the Tech industry, while attracting clients using my own methods.
Today I’m an Executive Coach for Tech companies who want to reach a new level in their sales.

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